Tara Coughlan


“I am a 20 year old dancer from Ballina. I’ve been dancing since I was four years old. When we do the big shows its moving, it’s a piece of peoples feelings, its expressing our hearts… When people see me dance, I think they learn [how] to relate to me, … I like to be a hot chick, but I also want to be a princess and a dancing queen. Michael [Hennessy- Artistic Director] – he is like a picture you can see- he’s a good dancer, … he can understand peoples feelings the relationships between their emotions and the movement…

What I would like to do is A Day, and then A Night. Like we already did “a Day in the Life” and I want “a Night in the Life”, the opposite of what we showed, like …Men in Black, parties, black tie formal… and if we did another exhibition with photos and video and everyone dancing in a little box, [my box] would be a place I dream of like Luna Park, the photos would be of the rides and the sort of dance I would do would be instead of my hands and hearts and soft I would do more like jazz and costume. I would like to be part of all parts like taking photos, choosing costumes, making some art work for the exhibition design- lots of colours, more like yellow, blue or purple.”