Programme 2017

Programme 2017

January Sprung!! Contemporary Dance Summer Intensive Jan 9-13th 10-4: Start the year off with an intensive dance week incorporating lots of dance technique and improv with Michael Hennessy and Asher Bowen Saunders. This week also included daily archival dance theory/films from Martha Graham to Pina Bausch, and visits from guest artists Anna Seymour, Alison Toft, Gerard Veltre and Meiwah Williams. Moon&Crane Studio

First Sunday Sprung !! Open Doors 1-4:30pm Sunday 5th Feb, 5th Mar, 2nd April, 7th May, 4th June, 6th Aug, 3rd Sept,  5th Nov, 3rd Dec  Lunch Included from 1 pm! Showing and Afternoon Tea at 4 pm,  ALL WELCOME 🙂 Cost of healthy lunch and session 30$ from July 1, Tintenbar Hall

(First Sundays 10-1 Sprung!! Senior Ensemble Contemporary Rehearsals)

Saturday Clowning Tintenbar 10-4 on the Saturdays before First Sunday Sprung!! :  4th Feb, 4th Mar, 1st April, 6th May, 3rd June, 5th Aug, 2nd Sept, 4th Nov, 2nd Dec, 60$ for the day including lunch

“Dancing Stories” deaf-inclusive dance week with Michael Hennessy and deaf dancer Anna Seymour, Auslan interpretation provided. Tintenbar Hall Mon-Thurs April 10-13, 10-4 Tintenbar Hall (Thursday morning will be at CWA Hall Lennox Head Community Centre). Cost $200. Special two-for-one offer for dancers new to Sprung!! who bring a friend! Requirements: An interest in dance and the ability to engage in a deaf-inclusive environment with  participants from diverse backgrounds. Contact for more information. Thanks to NRCF, Quota AlstonvilleAbility Links, and Social Futures for support of this project in 2017. Certificate of integrated experience available.

“Working with deaf dancers” pre-briefing/ educational sessions including introduction to Auslan language with Anna Seymour and interpreters Sunday April 9, Moon&Crane Studio:  11-1 Dance and physical theatre teachers; 2-4 non-deaf “Dancing Stories” week participants and other interested public. Cost FREE, Certificate provided.

Winter Masterclass Series  Monday-Friday July 17-21 10-4 Tintenbar Hall (Monday at Drill Hall Mullumbimby) Open to experienced dancers with or without disability. Travers Ross (Hip Hop) Monday Tuesday; Peter Notley (Contact Dance) Wednesday; Ira Seidenstein (Clowning and Physical Theatre) Thursday Friday. Integrated workshop for experienced dancers/actors with or without disability. $300 for the week including quality lunches, $75 single day fee with lunch. Half scholarships or special arrangements available for dance/physical theatre practitioners  wanting experience in integrated environment.

“SHARE HOUSE” Development workshops: the Fridays before First Sunday Sprung!!: 3rd Mar, 31st Mar, 5th May,  1st Sept, 3rd Nov, 1st Dec, also special dates 31/8-2/9 and Character Development week 27/2-3/3 plus Development Weeks April 17-21, August 31-Sept 2, and September 18-22  and Tour Newcastle Crack Festival for Work-In-Progress Showing 23 Sept-1 Oct .  Also Nov 27-Dec 1 production week of ART STATE performances Lismore Dec 1-Dec 3, with possible further development week in November. Further provisional performance Drill Hall Theatre Mullumbimby  December 9-11                          

Festival/Community  Encounters: BOLD Festival Canberra March 8-12Lismore Lantern Festival 24 June, Tintenbar Up Front September 8 and November 10,  Most Kabaret Lismore tba, Armidale Arts NW workshop and performance at New England Regional Art Museum August 12-13 , Don’t Dis my Ability Workshop and Performance December 3.

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