Sprung!! began with a coffee shop conversation in Alstonville between Julie Barratt, Regional Project Officer from Accessible Arts, Sue Whiteman, Director of Alstonville Dance Studio and Robyn Brady, paediatrician, writer, and parent of Tara Coughlan, a skilled dancer with Down Syndrome. Our first project was a week long workshop with ADS in September 2012 funded by an Accessible Arts Delineate grant. We incorporated in early 2013 with Sue Whiteman appointed as our first Artistic Director, and whisked straight into a massive Triple Bill project with Sue, Phil Blackman, and Philip Channells each choreographing a dance work to echo the work of a RED Inc artist with disability (See “Dwell” past projects). We also commenced the First Sunday Sprung!! workshops, and Robyn wrote “Calling”, the poem that has outlined much of our narrative enquiry for 2013-2016. In 2014 Sprung!! appointed its first formal General Manager, John Rado. Workshops were moved to the accessible Tintenbar Arts Hall, and Michael Hennessy became the second Artistic Director.

Sprung!! thanks Accessible Arts, Arts NSW, the Regional Arts Fund, St George Charitable Foundation, the Country Arts Support Program, and the Northern Rivers Community Foundation for funding support from 2012-2015.