Anna Seymour

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Interview 8/4/2016: Anna Seymour, Contemporary dancer (deaf) from Melbourne dance quartet “The Delta Project”- originally from East Ballina.

“Perhaps because of my Deafness, I’ve always felt more comfortable with dance and movement as a form of expression.

Movement is a universal language. Dance has the ability and power to transcend language barriers.

I am often asked how I dance when I am Deaf and can’t hear the music.

Hearing people are not the only people who have access to sound. We all experience sound in different ways – through our bodies. While music is an important part of dance, it’s not only about the music. Contemporary dance is the study of movement with the body as its tool.

Deafness is an advantage in dance – Deaf people are very visual people and sign language is a visual-spatial and three-dimensional language – just like dance. We have a sophisticated understanding of space, using our bodies and faces for expression. We have heightened senses and proprioception awareness. Deaf people have a lot to offer in dance and I think our experiences and perspectives, of sound and silence, are interesting and relevant in contemporary dance practice.

I am really excited to be teaching dance workshops with Michael Hennessy for Sprung!!, meeting new dancers, and Tintenbar is such a beautiful space. It’s good to be back home”

Anna Seymour will present on her life in dance and how to make dance classes more inclusive for deaf dancers, on Sunday 9 April 11 am at Tintenbar Hall, followed by refreshments. She will co-facilitate a workshop with Michael Hennessy from 10-13 April from 10-4 daily, with a showing on Thursday 13 April at 3 pm.