Introducing the “SHARE HOUSE” projects

Remember SHARE HOUSE life? The gourmet meals, the sense of tranquility, the fulfilling partnerships, the strong work ethic?
SHARE HOUSE is a disability-led funky dance theatre project which explores these ambitions, through the humour and antics of 5 young dancers, for whom “moving out” has these challenges and more!
Commissioned by both Newcastle Crack Festival and Lismore Art State Festival, the work-in-progress combines mime, physical comedy, and hip hop, with a nod to musical theatre with such tunes as “Lets Go Fly a Kite”, performed with laundry baskets. In both festivals the work will be site-specific i.e. specifically designed for performance to boutique audiences in an actual house, increasing the authenticity of the joys and challenges for the performers and the sense of intimacy for viewers. “Sooo cool!”, “Very funky”,”I love it!!!!! I want more !!!” say pilot viewers.

A spin-off from the show has been the desire to make a series of ultrashort films showcasing the five dancers as they paint the town red doing other ‘normal’ SHARE HOUSE activities: going to the laundromat, painting the living room, cooking pizza. This side project began as an opportunity to observe what might happen with these exceptional improvateurs at the intersection of rehearsal and everyday life, where reality meets whacky fantasy. Our pilot, shot by surf filmmaker Ishka Folkwell, is shown above. We’d love to hear from people their favourite SHARE HOUSE disasters, so we can incorporate these into future sketches!
Our original sketch was supported by an Accessible Arts Delineate grant, and is now seeking funding for further development. Please consider donating to Sprung!! to help get some more action happening!

This project features dancers Tara Coughlan, Max McAuley, Elizabeth Venn, Kayah Guenther, and Sinead Skorka Brennan, with mentors Michael Hennessy and Kate McDowell and producer Robyn Brady.


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