2017 Programme Launch


Want to be part of a community dance organisation that honours the creative spirit in all people? In 2017 Sprung!! has something for everyone:

First Sunday Open Doors (lunch included) for persons with an interest in dance and the ability to engage, on the First Sundays of Feb, March, April, May, June, August, September, November, and December from 1-4 with “Showing” at 4

First Saturday Clowning from 10-4 with Cheryl Wheatley, Sally Davis, and Kate McDowell.

“Dancing Stories” deaf-inclusive contemporary dance week with Anna Seymour, contemporary dancer (deaf) and Michael Hennessy, artistic director (hearing): April 10-13

Open Contemporary Dance week: 5 exciting tutors helping keen dancers move in new ways: July 17-21

Sprung!! Senior Ensemble and Share House projects- training and development for senior dancers by invitation.

For more information see the drop-down programme or Follow us on Facebook: Sprung Integrated Dance Theatre Inc


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