“Dwell: A Triple Bill” Production Week for Sept 28

Its all go at the lovely Alstonville Dance Studio as 30 dancers with and without disability engage in 5 full day workshops, building on the material developed out of the April “Dwell” immersion week. Choreographers Philip Channells, Sue Whiteman and Phil Blackman are refining their concepts and watching for the moments when ideas catch fire in a dancers’ minds and bodies.

"Dwell" Warmup, Alstonville Dance Studio

Lunchbreak during the "Dwell" Production Week

Like much integrated dance theatre, these works are improvisational around set themes or tasks, and generally devised in a collaborative manner. For the choreographer, the ‘risk’ of collaboration is also the gain, as when a contribution comes from within a dancer, the authenticity makes the final piece ring more true and resonate further with viewers.

“Dwell: A Triple Bill” will show at the Byron theatre on Saturday 28 Sept opening at 6 pm. Tickets online at http://www.byroncentre.com.au/


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